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Thank you for considering to join our team.  We are working hard every day to develop and partner with different community organizations bringing people together for a cause, and creating a moment, a memory, and most importantly, much needed rural community funding.

As an artist, there are many costs associated with putting something like this together - from the costs associated with getting the word out about events, to the travel back and forth to rural communities, to the costs associated with producing memorable, professional events with the goal of leaving as much money in the community as possible.  Your monthly partnership allows us the resources to further invest.

Of course I am a musician, and I get paid to do what I do - but if it makes sense, I want to get paid less...or at least differently.  No one is retiring early by playing music in small towns.  But I know that I have something to offer that other people can use to benefit their communities.


Your partnership will facilitate:

- The production and delivery of a weekly music program targeted to rural Manitoba through main stream radio outlets.  The stronger the name recognition, the stronger the draw to these events, the more money for the community.

- Hard costs towards the annual planning and coordination of these events, which will allow me to freeze the current financial requirements on the community organizations, allowing them to grow their financial opportunity into the future.

What you get in return:

- Widespread advertising on radio, website, social media, and print at all community events (corporate)

- Full access to song charts, and candid ability to request songs at upcoming performances

- Discounted tickets

- Discounted merchandise

- Access to new singles before the general public

- Private invitation to annual campfire concert at my house